Here you can find brilliant tips for all types of keys and locks

Who doesn't like to keep intruders away from their home or to avoid car theft? The following tips are exactly what you need. They offer great ideas and advice and will help you see which steps must be followed so that you will avoid trouble, lockouts and break-ins

Important measurements to note before shopping for new locks

If you want your locks replaced, there are three important things you should know before you shop for new door locks so that you will get the right size and type: the measurement of the distance from the edge of your door to the bore hole; the size of the bore hole and cross bore; and the thickness of your door.

Deadbolt and entry knob the recommended duo

To keep your home safe and secure our specialists recommend that you have both an entry knob and deadbolt installed on your doors. While the latch of a regular entry knob does not extend all the way into your door’s frame to deter forced entry, a properly installed deadbolt which extends one inch into your door makes your door more secure.

When buying a safe, check if the manufacturer’s claims are backed by independent labs

These laboratories issue special certificates to confirm that the particular safe model is actually resistant to fire, water and opening attempts. You can request to see these certificates. You can also expect to find special stickers by these labs on the packaging of the product.

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